Zone V

Zone V develops solutions that make the best technology in the world work to suit your lifestyle. We create inclusively designed and accessible technology, applications and services so you can communicate your way.

We are a team of passionate individuals – with over 100 years of telecommunications experience combined – that believe technology should be available for everyone. Our design is led by Frank Nuovo, previously Nokia’s Chief of Design and co-Founder of luxury company Vertu.

Zone V was inspired by the mobile digital divide that exists in society. Our products are developed following relentless market and user testing to ensure what we create will genuinely change the lives of the people who use it.

We are excited about the future as we continue to work tirelessly to build innovative solutions to enable you to Communicate your Way.

“Today’s mobile industry is full of companies competing to be the first to launch the latest and greatest technology, but there are still far too many people in the world who feel that technology isn’t for them,” said Frank Nuovo, creative director at Zone V.

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