Starting in late 2014, DSN began with the Atheer start-up to develop a whole new brand product and digital experience. We began with the vision that “augmented reality is the next generation of mobile computing”. The new corporate identity system and all design elements are linked directly through each component of Atheer proprietary hardware and gesture based software technologies – serving “Deskless Professionals”

After the initial research and exploration, DSN worked to further refine the existing “Air touch” gesture interface and UI while creating a whole new physical design for the Atheer Air glasses.

The Atheer Air Glass design focuses on a robust enterprise solution, with long term user comfort with the extended flexible contact area on the face, while maintaining open air sides for peripheral vision, and air flow

Among other accolades, Atheer was recently awarded the 2016 Silicone Valley Business Awards “SVBA Best Wearable Device”.

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