Design Studio Nuovo began as an incubator for developing new ideas and design solutions that ride firmly on the leading edge of our fast evolving wireless, mobile and digitally driven life. We balance that mission with a deep appreciation of the simple and beautifully crafted object -that thing of timeless form, beauty and perfect function and structure.

 We evolve DNA and establish new product design and engineering solutions with full support of graphics/packaging and interaction design. We are thrilled to create complete offerings and refined experiences for our select partners and clients.

Business Models

Strategic Corporate Partnership

Royalty, retainer and program-based collaborations

DSN , like most deeply innovative brand driven services, prefer a longer term, on-going partnerships which allow creation of direct and efficient working relationships with the experts in your company. We are flexible to discuss the right type of development partnership as best suited for your unique needs.

New Venture

Equity, Royalty and retainer

DSN specializes in the set up and guidance of all aspects of design, brand and industrialization for new ventures. After a review of your venture, we will propose an option best suited for your unique needs.


We are dedicated to challenging conventional thinking with extraordinary vision and with an unconventional blend of corporate business savvy and spirited creativity.