Samsung’s advanced Innovation Center (SSIC) contracted Design Studio Nuovo in 2013 to develop and facilitate the initial research, industrial design and test fixtures development that defined the functional and aesthetic design approach. DSN played a key role in all specification from human scale and comfort and materials factors, and a design refinement of the sensor configuration, component packaging and power management solutions for the Simba technology platform introduced by Samsung in 2014. DSN Associates. DSN also led the UI design for the Simband which was developed in parallel to hardware design efforts. DSN is credited on multiple patents and patent applications from this unique program.

Samsung’s Simband was the first platform with an open reference sensor module, built into an adjustable band integrating the industry’s most advanced sensing technologies from Samsung and partners around the globe. Based in Silicon Valley with offices in Korea, Israel and London, SSIC’s focus is on strategic initiatives in areas such as digital health, cloud computing, human-computer interface technologies, and the “Internet of Things,” among others.

ServicesProduct, Digital, Creative directionYear2013-2014Link